Cold Storage USB Software Wallets. Worldwide Shipping


Purchase Online and Receive in the Mail.


KUSB Crypto USB Worldwide Shipping


How does it work?


Just select from the available crypto giftcards (Bitcoin, Ether) and make your purchase online. You will immediately lock in the crypto price at that moment and your funds will be delivered to you on a secure USB Software wallet. Meaning no computer downloads and security concerns. In fact, your software wallet can be kept at home or a safety deposit box where your fund are safe. Buy a crypto giftcard for you or as a gift.


How to get started

Step 1. Purchase your Software Wallet right here

We accept orders by PayPal and credit card. The Crypto USB Stick is available Worldwide.


Step 2. We will lock in your purchase amount stated at time of purchase

We create your wallets using our proprietary technology and include a cryptocurrency voucher to redeem your desired cryptocurrency. The USB disk size is 16 GB and compatible for PC and Mac systems.

Step 3. Your Software wallet will be immediately shipped to your home or business

You will receive email confirmation, with gift card amount, along with your security code. You will use this code to securely redeem your crypto at anytime. Further redeeming instruction can be found here.