Q: What is a crypto USB gift card?
A: KUSB is a crypto USB stick, simply plug into your computer to access the bitcoin or other crypto from your purchase.

Q: Is KUSB the easy way to buy bitcoin?
A: Absolutely, our USB stick is an easy way to buy bitcoin, no waiting on any exchange or approval. You receive the bitcoin on the USB stick after entering your activation code from your purchase.

Q: Is my purchase safe and protected?
A: Your experience with us is a top priority. If you purchase with Paypal, you are protected under their buyer protection program. Also, using blockchain there is a permanent record so you can always show if the crypto was sent and received.

Q: Is there actual crypto on the USB drive when I buy it?
A: The USB wallet contains all the software and keys you need to access the cryptocurrency on the wallet. You only need to enter the activation code provided with your purchase to unlock the wallet. Once activated, KUSB functions like a normal crypto wallet where you are able to send, receive, and top-up funds to the wallet.

Q: How do I redeem?
A: You will receive an unique code when you purchase. Once you receive the USB drive, you will need to connect to a devise with internet access, you will then be prompted to enter your unique code and that is it. Our step by step UI will walk you through it.

Q: What if I do not redeem right away?
A: No problem, there is no expiry date.

Q: Where do you ship?
A: We ship to most of the world, checkout page will let you know for sure.

Q: How long until I receive my item?
A: Most packages take around 2-3 weeks with standard shipping, but expedited shipping is available at checkout.

Q: Where are you based?
A: We are based overseas.

Q: Are your fees reasonable?
A: We believe so. Most competitors charge 10% or more in mark-ups or exchange fees. We are believers in the crypto space and want to make crypto available to all who are interested in a easy and affordable way.

Q: How much crypto will I receive?
A: We only charge for the USB devise ($30), so the amount of crypto you will recieve will be the current exchange rate minus the devise fee and small network fees.

Q: What are network fees
A: Any time crypto is sent from one wallet to another the network charges a fee. This fee can very depending on network traffic but is usually only a few dollars.

Q: What if I lose my K-USB?
A: In the instruction there is a step to write down your private key and keep that in a separate location. If you do lose your K-USB you will need this number to access your funds again. Please contact us if this happens and we will walk you through it.